All aboard with Bryan Edmondson

Published on 16/02/2017 in by Erika Sykes


The Northern Design Centre was awash with a who’s who of the region’s designers last night, all aboard  for Bryan Edmondson to take us on a colourful 20 year journey of the work of London agency Sea Design. The event was part of Design Event’s ‘Design Talks’, and was a great opportunity to see and listen to stories about the many memorable graphic design projects that Sea have done over the years, including their excellent work for long-standing client G.F. Smith. There was a palpable shared recognition and enjoyment from a room full of friends, colleagues and peers, all of whom have the many swatches, books and bespoke paper pieces in their studios.

Great to also hear about Bryan’s collaborations with photographer Rankin, typographer Wim Crouwel and the art/graphic design cross-over project done for Monotype.

A great night thanks to Bryan Edmondson and Design Event. We’re looking forward to the rest of the talks.


With love from Wonderstuff.

Published on 14/02/2017 in by Erika Sykes


Valentine’s Day Giveaway.

We love giveaways and lots of you told us you loved the concrete bookends competition we ran in January. So for Valentine’s Day we are holding a ‘this morning only’ competition to win another free Wonderstuff original.

If you sign up to our newsletter on our website this morning (closing time this lunchtime 12.30pm), we will choose and contact one person this afternoon to receive a print of their choice from our selection of Wonderstuff screen-print originals. Even better, if you haven’t got a Valentine’s present for your loved one yet – pick it up from us this afternoon and you’re sorted for this evening! We’re open until 6pm. Signing up to our newsletter means you’ll receive our monthly ‘365’ articles on all matters brand and design, news, events and notice of other competitions and giveaways.

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Good luck to everyone.

The value of design for SME’s

Published on 8/02/2017 in , by Paul Alderson
Good design is good value


Good design proves its value over the long term for SME’s.

This work for long term client of ours – Redford – has been in use for over 5 years of use, and it is still delivering the brand as clearly now as it did then.

Invest in your brand.

For business growth, budget for ‘brand’.

Published on 6/02/2017 in by Paul Alderson
For business growth, budget 'brand'.

A Wonderstuff 365 article. Make them count.

As one (financial) year ends…

While managers are focussed on achieving goals for this financial year, most boards – and owners – spend these last months planning the year ahead.

Planning to invest in growth?

Planning usually includes the growth of the organisation, and the resources required to achieve it – with budgets set against typical areas such as Resources, Materials and Costs; in order to establish priorities and set targets in numerical terms, providing direction so that organisational objectives can be turned into practical reality.

So how much have you budgeted for your brands growth?

Brand – and return on investment

Brand is an investment, just as your office and machinery – without them you cannot deliver your service (or product) to your clients. Similarly, you know that investing in a cheap solution now will often lead to headaches later on.

Investing appropriately allows you to focus on delivering the product or service you offer, in the way your clients expect – to enable growth. Your brand – and design – is a tool to help you achieve your goals; and one that’s proven to provide a greater return on investment than almost anything else.

“On average, for every £1 businesses invested in design, they gained over £4 net operating profit, and over £20 net turnover.”
Design Council

Our experience shows that a successful design solution can last around a decade, though the value of names and identities is typically much longer. For the typical investment, that’s incredible value.

How do you measure this ROI?

As with any capital expense, you plan that the investment made will provide return on investment over a period of time (and you’ll often finance it to allow for this), and set some metrics for this to ensure it delivers. Yet many organisations don’t treat design in this way.

The Design Business Associations Design Effectiveness Awards provides a great resource to understand the value for clients (large and small) who do value design, and measure the return on investment.

The key is to spend time during the planning stage understanding what to invest, and what return to expect, over that timescale. And realise that – like any tool – your brand will work for you long after it’s delivered.

If you’d like to know more about brand and using it to grow your organisation, email or call and talk to us.

Sneek peek at new e-liquids range packaging design

Published on 4/02/2017 in , by Paul Alderson
brand packaging - e-liquids


Here’s peek at some of our recent work for Vapourlites – their Hi VG packaging range.

This is part of a much larger project to reposition the brand ready for new legislation coming into effect in May 2017. To date the project has included name generation, brand identities, label, carton and outers packaging and point of sale design.

Brand Vision = Business Growth. SME Workshops.

Published on 24/01/2017 in , by Erika Sykes
Brand Vision Workshop


Book your place online here

Dates: Tuesday 14th, Tuesday 21st February and Tuesday 7th, Tuesday 14, Tuesday 21st March 2017.
Venue: Your place of work, or ours – Wonderstuff Newcastle, NE3 1DH.

To build your business,
build your brand.

With the increased power, and choice, of the consumer the dynamic between you and your audience has changed. Successful organisations now have an active and on-going relationship with their brand, taking into consideration the role it plays in the larger world, both inside and outside the organisation.

Know your vision to build your brand. The first step is to identify what you’re aiming for both as a business and as a brand, to establish your ambition. Once established, ambition can be defined and turned into a vision.

Business goals are typically financial or quantitive. Brand goals are typically intangible or qualitative. Together they enable you to build the business you want, the way you want it.

This workshop will provide the understanding, principles and support to enable you to define your vision with two sets of goals, one for business and one for brand, and to develop your organisation’s vision phases and timeline.

Realise your brand vision.

Who is this for?
New organisations needing to understand how brand can impact their business.
Existing organisations needing to unlock business growth in competitive markets.

Why take part?
These workshops provide the opportunity to step back from your day to day in order to help develop and clarify a vision for the future of your business and understand how your brand will enable this. This is equally beneficial for a start-up business or an established organisation looking to clarify and define the business’s next steps.

Where and when?
Part 1 – Workshop Event:
Choose from – Tuesday 7th, Tuesday 21st February, 7th March or 21st March, 2017. 2hrs. 09:30-11:30, inc refreshments.

Part 2 – Individual Meeting:
Scheduled for the following week at a time to suit you. 1hr.

What do I take away?
A clear understanding of why and how your brand can grow your business.

A documented Brand Vision Timeline (where you want to get to and the stages involved, typically in 6 or 12 months phases) and the thinking tools to use this to propel your business forward.

Individual £240 +vat per place.
(Limited places per workshop)

Still not sure if this is for you?

Speak to Paul (Founder) or Erika (Brand Consultant) on 0191 447 2727 to find out more about the workshops, and understand if they can add value for you and your organisation.

Book your place online here


Wonderstuff welcomes Michael Hynes

Published on 20/01/2017 in by Erika Sykes
Michael 4 for web


We are delighted that Michael Hynes joins our team for 2017, adding additional expertise to our client services.

Michael’s experience spans 30 years working in design, branding and advertising agencies in London, Scotland, Yorkshire as well as his native North East. He has worked in B2C, B2B, leisure & tourism and public sector with clients such as Public Health England (Stoptober), Vodafone, Bang & Olufsen, Nike, P&G and the University of Sunderland.

Say hello to Michael on

Your brand definition will stop you.

Published on 16/01/2017 in by Paul Alderson
365 your brand definition will stop you.

A Wonderstuff 365 article. Make them count.

What is Brand Definition? 

Everyone involved in running a business, or managing an organisation, knows it’s important to know what to do; but it’s more important to know what not to do.

Your Brand Definition helps you, your staff, and your audience understand what drives your organisation, and why they might want to be a part of it. It helps guide organisational decisions – and actions – to achieve the goals you set, in the way you want.

Why do I need one?

As opportunities arise, whether new business, new staff, or new directions, it’s easy to take them. Then somewhere down the line (often 6-12 months later) wonder why you’re busy, but not getting where you’d hoped, or wondering how you ended up doing what you’re doing day to day.

The purpose of your Brand Definition is to document succinctly five key statements upon which an organisation, and therefore its brand, is founded. With these made clear, you can use them as the reference point for all future actions, directly informing your name, identity, and how you communicate.

Yes, but what does that mean?

Your brand definition should make clear your organisation, compared to your competitors, distinguished by some distinctive characteristics.

It is your purpose, vision, values, position, and promise.

Brand definition succinctly defines your organisations brand; why it exists, where it’s going, how it’s getting there, who it’s working with to get there, and what makes it distinct and different.

For example, your values should be as unique to you as possible, and be clear enough that you can show these within your organisation. Being ‘professional’ or ‘honest’ don’t count – they’re the values of every organisation (or should be!).

What if I don’t have a documented Brand Definition?

Well, you’re likely to find that you and your key team members will all have a different idea as to the purpose of your organisation, where its destination is, and how you’ll get there.

Not sure? Ask your key team to write in one sentence the promise you make to your audience. Then compare. If they don’t match, or closely resemble each other, then you know you need to define your organisation and brand more clearly.

If you’d like to know more about brand, or brand definition, email or call and talk to us.

Wonderstuff Concrete BK Ends Giveaway 2017

Published on 6/01/2017 in by Karl Bell
What better way to celebrate the beginning of a new year than with a nice little giveaway.

Getting back into the swing of things at work isn’t always easy after an over indulgent Christmas break so to try and put a smile back on our Twitter and Facebook followers faces we decided to give away 5 pairs of our hand cast concrete BK Ends to the first 5 that got in touch.


As soon as the post went out onto our social media channels there was a flurry of messages coming into our inbox from the hopeful winners…

…and the lucky first 5 were as follows:
Phil Duggan
Will Forsyth
Nina W Marketing
Holgate HR
Steve Morland
Congratulations to all!

Sorry to all that tried but missed out. We will be running a few more giveaways throughout the year so keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook for another chance to get your hands on some free Wonderstuff products.

As well as our BK Ends we have a selection of original hand screened prints available from £15.

(From left to right All Things Nice, Happiness Test, Laser Gun)


We are excited about the prospects that 2017 holds for us and we are looking forward to helping more organisations realise their brand visions in the near future through our brand workshops. For further information on how we can help realise your brand vision contact us on

Wishing you all of the best for 2017.


You’re a designer. Now be Wonderstuff.

Published on 30/10/2016 in by Paul Alderson
Wonderstuff are recruiting


We see a future where all SME’s understand their brand and use it to help achieve their goals. We now need an experienced, multi-skilled designer to join our Newcastle team.

We work with SME clients who realise that the right growth for their organisation is dependent on communicating and sustaining their brand; across brand development and a range of design communications.

If you are a middleweight designer ready to move up, or a senior designer ready to move on, with a proven track record of success; If you have the hunger to help us grow – get in touch.

As a small studio, you’ll need to be able to deliver design thinking and doing across the full design pyramid;
Ideas – brand names, identity systems, and marketing concepts
Content – writing, reading, and understanding
Styling – logos, print, packaging, and digital
Artwork – amendments, precision, and proofing

Be Wonderstuff

We know that people are the key. Our people. So we support them by providing the environment, and tools, they need. From Apple Macs and ergonomic chairs, to the smaller, but no less important things like Perkbox, and a decent coffee machine. We believe in our people.

Wonderstuff’s Values

  • We are inherently ambitious and strive to improve every day
  • We balance logic with creativity to deliver value beyond the financial
  • We are thorough in thought and deliberate in action
  • We champion people and planet before profit


Introduce yourself during November. Email Paul Alderson on