Significant consultancy to reposition a heritage brand, creating a new visual and verbal identity and internal + external communication.


Calderdale Carpets, a family-run carpet designer and manufacturer, approached us when their board of directors identified the need to respond to the changes in their industry by developing both their product and service offer to their audiences. They were not sure what ‘shape’ this would take and wanted to fully consider how best to proceed strategically as a business and as a brand.


They required a brand agency partner to ensure that as they developed their business offer, they developed their brand alongside. By evolution of their organisation and repositioning their brand, they would be able to meet the identified changing needs and desires of B2B clients and end-users.


A year brand consultancy relationship, defining their repositioned brand, re-naming the company as Calderdale and the creation a visual and verbal brand identity. This was followed by roll out and implementation of the brand across key touchpoints and a strategic series of internal communications to help staff understand why change was needed, how it would affect them and engaging them with the brand moving into the future.

“Thank you for your hard work throughout
  the journey – you’ve been awesome.”

    Calderdale Marketing Manager

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