Adding value, being busy and making time.

Here at Wonderstuff, taking time to reflect on topics that matter most to us i important. Reflecting gives us a chance to understand our industry better, dig deeper into our own businesses and enrich our personal lives…

Business is untidy.

Yes, on Instagram, and in the press, we all show our best sides. That moment when everything aligned.

When we looked like we were at our best.

But day to day.

With clients needs and priorities shifting. People needing support. Work needing to be done. Thinking about solutions. Unforeseen challenges. Opportunities.

Business is untidy.

And that’s OK. Be busy. Be untidy. But remember to stop. Appreciate the things you’ve got the opportunity to impact. Keep moving forward toward your vision.

Some days are simply busy.

No matter how much we plan and organise our weeks, days, and hours. People, projects, and perusing Pinterest, can eat up time which we hadn’t allocated – and set the day back.

As long as you know why and where time is being used, it’s okay for some days to go off track. Tomorrow is coming.

Keep moving forward.

Make time.

It’s really important to make time for your personal passions alongside your business passions. Our team member has dedicated to taking time to follow an old passion – oil painting. One night a week. For four weeks. Making time for personal passions can encourage growth and new creative thinking.

When was the last time you made time for your old passions?

Add value for your audience.

The design process is like any other ‘building’ process. The real value – and impact – of the work isn’t revealed until after the ‘work’ is complete.

Once the positioning, branding, and communications tools are designed and produced, the ‘work’ on them is done. It’s then that the work starts to work. It gets used. And the value is truly revealed – the impact of the many decisions made throughout the journey can be felt.

We’ve all had those moments where we engage with something truly great – a well-printed business card, a well-built interior, a well-packaged product – and the impact they make is memorable. We remember those experiences.

Do everything you can to create that level of experience for your audience. To make it memorable.

Invest in the work. Increase the impact.

Know why. Then do.