Know your purpose and act on it.

Wonderstuff has always had purpose, but now more than ever, I believe it’s important that we’re clear about it.

Having worked in the design and advertising industry for over 20 years, I have witnessed many times the challenges clients face when they buy design. There is a problem in how clients buy and how agencies sell design.

Communication is an ongoing aspect of every organisation, big or small. Much like managing your accounts, communications should be reviewed and kept on track regularly, not dipped into (and out of) when there seems to be an ‘isolated’ need.

I gave a talk to a team of a radio company several years ago which outlined the following point;
Design is creative process with no limit on its potential to impact an organisation. It can affect almost every area, from outward communications such as marketing to inward processes such as HR and finance.

I believe that more organisations need to understand the impact and value of communication in their business, and to review and track it regularly. I also believe that this has to be easy to adopt, simple to understand and deliver results.

With this background, and belief, the purpose of Wonderstuff has changed.

Wonderstuff. Working with purpose since 2009.
The early days of Wonderstuff – around 2010 – when two of us worked from my living room on the edge of Newcastle. I still wear this shirt.

Wonderstuff launched in 2009 with the vision of becoming a successful design studio. Crafting great work and being recognised for it. We have realised this vision.

We then set our sights on becoming a design business. Helping clients understand the value brand and design can add, with larger projects delivering more impact. We have realised this vision.

Now, we embark on our next chapter. To provide a better way for clients to understand the value design can add, using design as an ongoing part of their journey, and understanding the potential it can have, when used consistently and effectively.

We’re working hard to develop this approach right now. This is our purpose. What’s yours?

If you’d like to know more about the approach we’re working on, let me know >