Live Art Event Success!


Last Thursday, five artists each brought a skateboard ghost to life using their own creative style. They were hard at work in our window front in Gosforth, live, for the public and like-minded creatives to observe their skills. The five transformed ghosts created a vibrant set of artworks that we opened to blind bidding, in order to raise money for Anxious Minds.

The final five boards are below, and below these, you will see an illustration of how the boards looked previously when they were painted as ghosts.

Blind bidding is now closed and we are calculating how much we collectively raised for the amazing charity. Keep an eye on our blog to hear the final sum.

About Anxious Minds.

Anxious Minds believe that everyone deserves to get good mental health support, a chance to recover, and a safe space to live, a rewarding job, and a life free from mental health, addiction or abuse.

We also believe that people should be able to access mental health and addiction support services as quickly as possible preventing long-term problems, and with the right support, anyone can change their life for the better.

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