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Wear your own brand

You have a brand. You committed to it the day you started your business. A month, a year, or a decade ago. It is unique, and it is yours.But do you wear it with pride? Share it with everyone you meet? You have to

ghost skateboard design

G H O S T S – Live Art Event

ONE NIGHT UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES. On Thursday 28th October 2021, five artists each brought a skateboard ghost to life using their own creative style. They were hard at work in front of a live audience where the public and like-minded creatives

Your Logo is an Asset

Apple anyone? A thought about your logo. In financial accounting, an asset is any resource owned by the business. Anything tangible or intangible that can be owned or controlled to produce value and that is held by a company to

Seeing The Bigger Picture

Wonderstuff is dedicated to allowing your brand vision come to life. We understand that as as a business owner of any size, you’re juggling a lot of priorities, and commissioning design may not be top of the list. While we

Getting Your Brand On-Shelf

Proud to once again see our work help secure supermarket listings with Black Storm Brewery now in 56 Co-op stores. Wonderstuff have supported Black Storm Brewery, working with the founder Paul Hughes, to create the branding and core range of

Layout of Branded materials for Calderdale

Highlight on: Brand Strategy

As Wonderstuff quickly approaches its tenth anniversary (how time flies!) we’ve been reflecting on how we have crafted and refined our services beyond just delivering great design work. This month we have been thinking a lot about Brand Strategy, and how we

Where Does Experience End and Expertise Begin?

Expertise. Where does experience end and expertise begin? Our founder, Paul, has been working on packaging projects for around 20 years. Many of the designs Paul has worked on – and that Wonderstuff as a team has developed – have

brand reports titled audience profiling and competitor brand analysis

Brands and Mortar

We’re currently engaged on two brand projects in Newcastle city centre – both real world, leisure-focused, environments. Bringing a real-world location to life – and ensuring that the brand, branding, building, and business aspects all align, is always an exciting

12 Beers in 12 Months

This week saw the launch of a great collaborative project we’re involved in; 12 beers in 12 months. The project brings together brewers and artists across the UK to collaborate and make 12 great beers in 12 months and is

Paul Alderson

Plus. Minus. Equals

I read at work regularly. Articles mostly, many online. Recently, a Brain Food article (the blog from Shane Parrish’s Farnham Street) covered a system which Frank Shamrock (four-time undefeated MMA champion and coach) created to develop fighters quickly and effectively. Plus,

your journey

Explore the future

I’ve been fortunate today. I’ve spent most of my day with people who want to explore their future, and understand that brand is a key element in shaping and making possible their vision. Listening and learning about what motivates people

Paul Alderson

A new year. The same you.

I think we all start this month with high hopes for the year ahead. A brand new year. A fresh start. A clean slate. Nothing to stop you. Except you. Unless the new year has caused a massive transformation in

Goodbye 2018. You’ve been a blast.

This year has provided Wonderstuff with challenges, champions, and changes. We faced difficult times in the first half of 2018, and adjusted our business accordingly, to ensure that we continued to deliver high-value brand work for clients. We enjoyed supporting

Mountain Range

Fortune favours the brave

Whatever your plans for the next 12 months, if when you look at them, they don’t scare you then you need to be brave. Re-write them. Push yourself to imagine a better version of you, and your company. If your

Packaging design

Packaging design that gets listed in supermarkets

Over the last 9 years Wonderstuff has worked on many packaging design projects. From existing brands to startup product brands, including Durham Distillery, Vapourlites, Natural Nutrients, and Black Storm. We have been able to celebrate our work helping clients gain listings

Beer Packaging Design

Recent brand and design projects

Wonderstuff have been working across a range of brand and design projects recently which have included; Identity Design for a digital platform Packaging Design for beer Interior Concepts for food retail Wayfinding for a luxury care home Event Marketing Materials for

Supporting young talent

There’s a lot of talent out there. And we’ve just had the pleasure of meeting some. Recently Charlotte – a photography student – spent a month with us learning, practicing, and improving her skills. Charlotte’s focus was on portraits but wanted

Lixir Tonic Website

Lixir Tonic Website Design

Seeing a website launch and be well received is always a good indicator of the balance of content, website design and build. We’re proud to be part of Matt and Jordan’s journey – and to see the first phase of their website

Brand’s Best Friend

God is said to have created man in his own image.  Truth or story, it illustrates something key about the reasons humans make the choices they do, and why we are attracted to, and become loyal to brands. We are instinctively

Effective Design Value

Know your purpose and act on it.

Wonderstuff has always had purpose, but now more than ever, I believe it’s important that we’re clear about it. Having worked in the design and advertising industry for over 20 years, I have witnessed many times the challenges clients face

A Good Business

Can a business doing good, be good business? The Wonderstuff team went to a ‘Design Event’ talk recently where a design agency founder recounted enthusiastically how as a child in the 1970s and 80s, it was the famous logos, films

TOMS: The One for One Company®

TOMS: The One for One Company®

91% of millennials today prefer to buy from companies associated with a social cause. 72% of consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t. Knowing the ‘why’ of your company and allowing it to take

North Side Coffee

We work with a broad range of clients as our methodology can be applied to all businesses, all sectors and all sizes. Whether a startup or a well-established business, we help and support our clients to effect change and create