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Brand design involves reflecting what our clients are and do, and through this also connecting with their target audiences. Visual identity, tone of voice and calls to action are all part of the brand design mix.

In this month’s review of the world of brand design Kerry Neesam, our design director, comments on three great projects illustrating these key factors:

Visual Identity

“Twig & Co is a construction company whose client base is predominantly designers and architects, therefore they needed an identity that suited their more design aware clients.

“Studio Both has created a stacked, typographic identity that’s pushed to the outer edges of the neon green business cards. This beautiful branding is very confident and powerful!”

See more about this project here.

Tone of Voice

“A distinctive and memorable tone of voice can set you aside from your competitors and help you gain recognition. A consistent use of tone of voice can help gain trust and familiarity, making the customer feel more at ease when becoming more comfortable with the brand.

“People may not always remember what a brand says, but they more often would remember how it made them feel.

“For craft spirit brand East London Liquor Co. branding agency Ragged Edge has made it quite literally punchy with ‘Forget botanical bathtub bullshit. East London Liquor Co. is up for a fight’.”

Check out the full identity project here.

Calls to Action 

“DesignStudio’s project for Oberlo, a subsidiary of Shopify, encourages people to ‘go for it’ if they’re itching to start their own thing! A very rough and real, DIY style visual language suits this brand so well as an inspiration hub that offers courses, tutorials, business tools, the works.

“A motivational four-step ethos – ‘Start something. Be relentless. Stay Real. Raise the Bar. It never stops looping – because what entrepreneur is ever finished or satisfied?’ –  was created to encourage hard work and inspire company decisions.”

Take a look at this project here, it’s a really interesting read.

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