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When Robert De Niro delivered those words in Taxi Driver over 30 years ago it made such a huge impact on the audience that his performance still echoes on their lips today.

De Niro wasn’t expressing his opinion on organisations communicating to their audiences, but his message is relevant. Over the last 12 months Wonderstuff have worked with over 40 confident organisations through brand sprints and business mentoring. Yet the one thing that’s been evidenced time and again is that an organisation knowing who their audience is, and talking to them are two very different things. And more difficult than it sounds.

Who do you want to talk to?

First and foremost, you have to know who you want to talk to. Easier than it sounds. Deciding who you want to talk to – really want to talk to, means being clear, and honest, about what your organisation wants to achieve. Your vision. Without a vision, how can you be clear about your customers and how you’ll help them.

Most organisations have a reasonable idea of their vision, and many can point in the direction of their ideal customer, even if they can’t pick them out of a lineup. So you probably have some work to really tie down an audience, but nothing that you can’t nail down without too much work.

So why aren’t you talking to them?

Honestly. Because a bit like De Niro pointing a gun at you – it’s scary. Once you know who you want to talk to you realise that talking to your audience really means not talking to other audiences. Saying no to people who want to buy from you. And at when you’re looking at next months bottom line, that feels wrong.

Is De Niro pointing a gun at you?

No. He doesn’t care who you talk to. Because you’re not talking to him. You’re probably not talking to anyone in particular. You’re just mumbling to passers-by. And every day you choose not to speak clearly to your audience you also don’t move toward your vision. You’re killing time – and real opportunities.

Imagine De Niro pointing the gun. Stop mumbling. Start talking to your audience today.

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