Brand’s Best Friend

God is said to have created man in his own image.  Truth or story, it illustrates something key about the reasons humans make the choices they do, and why we are attracted to, and become loyal to brands. We are instinctively attracted to things that resonate with our beliefs and reflect our personality. Those of us […]

A Good Business

Can a business doing good, be good business? The Wonderstuff team went to a ‘Design Event’ talk recently where a design agency founder recounted enthusiastically how as a child in the 1970s and 80s, it was the famous logos, films and adverts of the time that encouraged him into a design career. As a child, […]

North Side Coffee

We work with a broad range of clients as our methodology can be applied to all businesses, all sectors and all sizes. Whether a startup or a well-established business, we help and support our clients to effect change and create transformation. One of the great pleasures we have is witnessing our clients propelling their business […]

Effective Design in the Food and Drink Sector

Rise and Design. Food and Drink Packaging

Our founder, Paul Alderson, delivered a talk on effective design on Friday 20th April 2018 for Rise & Design: Design in the Food and Drink sector, with our client Liam Sherriff, Managing Director of Natural Nutrients. Together with Liam and his team we’ve helped them transform from a small scale supplements business to a significantly […]

Define your vision and act on it

I love the old Japanese proverb: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare”. I have seen clients over-invest in both strategy (vision) and delivery (action) to the detriment of the other. This almost always ends without their real goal being achieved. So how do you stop wasting energy – and […]

Review and Refocus

Review and refocus Brand Vision

How does an organisation know it is driving in the right direction towards business success and brand vision? Commonly, energies and enthusiasm power the initial development of written strategies and associated plans. Having done this, it can be easy to assume that matters are therefore taken care of by those delivering the plan. However, strategies […]

Pop the question this Valentine’s Day

Brand Love

We’re devoting Wednesday 14 February to the pursuit of love. Brand Love. Every organisation wants to create experiences that help staff and customers fall in love with who they are and what they have to offer. We want them to only have eyes for us, make a binding commitment and never stray. So, this Valentine’s […]

On Purpose

We have delivered a series of brand sprints this January to different size businesses in a range of sectors. What we have heard loud and clear from the people we have met in these sessions, is their desire to find ways of not just stating their purpose and values, but demonstrating them in experiences that […]

Rise and Design in Harrogate

The Sun Pavilion in Harrogate was the fantastic venue for last Friday’s Rise and Design hosted by Design Network North. We were one of the guest speakers, with the theme being Food and Drink. Appropriately arriving as the sun rose, the magnificent lofted glass ceiling shone light on us all as we prepared to listen […]

Season’s Meetings*

Our second annual Season’s Meetings* finished today. Our celebration of goodwill and festive spirit – we have welcomed in our clients, business friends, and local businesses, to hold one of their December meetings at Wonderstuff. As well as an opportunity for teams to get out of the office, we really enjoy saying hello and catching […]

Talking Touchpoints

Yesterday’s NEExpo was a great opportunity for networking and sharing business conversation. There were over 200 stands, and we had some excellent chats with people about their brand and communications – hearing about a diverse range of individual challenges. We ran one of the 30 seminars,  speaking about how understanding, creating and managing audience touchpoints, […]

Brand Sprints at Entrepreneurial Spark

We had an inspirational morning running a Brand Sprint at Entrepreneurial Spark last week.  On one of the hottest days of the year, we kicked away with 3 hours of fast and focussed thinking, talking and writing.  Working with 6 distinct business entrepreneurs who are part of Entrepreneurial Spark’s business accelerator programme, we ran through vision mapping, the importance […]

Design Means Business

  Yesterday’s Design Means Business conference at the Northern Design Centre was excellent. A day full of insight and inspiration from from a range of excellent speakers, from futurologists to experts in serious play. There was so much to take away – instilling purpose in the workplace, collaboration and contemplation, letting your hands do the […]

Launch it. Revive it. Sprint it.

  As a brand and design consultancy, making the case to business owners on the importance of strategic design is one thing, convincing them on the value and importance of defining their brand is much more complex. So, to show our conviction, we’ve designed 2 FREE brand sprints to prove the worth of your brand to […]

On the same page

A Wonderstuff 365 article. Make them count Stories.  A beginning, a middle, and sometimes – but not always – an end. Stories are human. We think in narrative form. They resonate and are remembered by devotees who can quote lines, thrill in the details, and enthusiastically share with others. Whether the story is visual, written […]

Enthusiasm for all – developing a new brand for an established shopping centre

  NewRiver Retail, one of the UK’s leading property investors approached us to reposition a dull and outdated shopping centre in Birmingham.  Everyone had lost enthusiasm for it – the owners, the retailers and the shoppers. By creating a new name and a colourful and vibrant identity which was applied throughout the centre, new life could be injected into […]