Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years

We do what we believe in

our mission

Adopt wellness

Wonderstuff is on a mission to help the population adopt wellness, nutrition, and physical activity, by supporting businesses who deliver the products, and services, which make this possible.

It’s all too easy to forget what our bodies are capable of if we look after them. Eating well, and moving regularly, should be our defaults. We want to help you restore the balance.

about us

We live our values

Paul (our founder) has always had an interest in creativity and wellness. Drawing from an early age he’s studied and worked the design sector for over 20 years. From weight training, mountain biking, bootcamps, running, obstacle races, Crossfit, and more, Paul has always been (and still is) active.

Wonderstuff is where these passions align. A belief that the businesses that we need to help most are those that help others.

Businesses whose hearts are in wellness. Who leave their customers and clients better. Healthier. Fitter. Mentally and physically stronger.

Businesses like yours?


Bringing skateboard ghosts to life

In October 2021 Wonderstuff organised a live art x sport event to raise funds for Anxious Minds Charity.

Each skateboard ghost was brought to life by an artist through their own style to create a vibrant set of artworks. These were then auctioned online.


Celebrating the Rugby League World Cup

In October 2022 Wonderstuff brought art and sport together to celebrate the Rugby League World Cup and raise funds for Newcastle Rugby Foundation. Each Steeden rugby league ball was brought to life by an artist through their own style to create a vibrant set of artworks which were auctioned.