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Closing Projects

While we all get excited about the start of a new project, where there are objectives to achieve and creative juices to flow, the end of a project is just as important. When we launched beantale coffee roasters the project wasn’t

Make your brand a Summer hit

There is little doubt that organised brands are already planning for the last half of the year when there are some of the biggest sales opportunities. While all the regular events should be planned into every brand’s marketing calendar, keeping

Why your brand needs its story

Stories have the power to captivate, inspire, and move people to action. Whether it’s through literature, film, or personal anecdotes, stories have the ability to connect with people on a deep and emotional level. When it comes to building a

Zippo – Move into Wellness

How could Zippo move into wellness? Well, they could leverage their reputation for rugged, durable lighters and create a line of candle products that allow customers to use their Zippo more, at home or away. Here’s how they could do

Why Merchanside is worth investing in for your brand

Creating your own brand merchandise can add value for your business and your audience. And the benefits far outweigh the investment needed. Here are five great reasons to create branded merch; #1 Reinforce Your Brand Identity Branded merchandise, such as

Why art and sport should collaborate more

Art and sport may seem like two completely different domains, but they share a lot of similarities. Both are forms of self-expression and have the power to bring people together, inspire creativity, and encourage healthy lifestyles.  More recently, there has

Barbour – Move into Wellness

How could Barbour move into wellness? Known for their rugged and functional clothing and accessories, they have the potential to disrupt their position in the market by branching out into the functional fitness equipment market while staying true to their

Thanks Chat GPT 🤖

With all the exploration and talk about AI, we asked Chat GPT to tell us about Wonderstuff. Here’s what it told us…  “Wonderstuff is a UK-based design agency that specializes in branding, graphic design, and website design.  They have been

Crossfit Open 23.1

It’s time for the CrossFit Community to test ourselves in this year’s CrossFit Open. One of the many great things about Crossfit is that it enables your average Crossfitter (me) to test myself, and to see how the best in

Dr Martens – Move into Wellness

How could Dr. Martens move into wellness? Well, they could leverage their reputation for rugged, durable footwear and create a line of yoga-specific products that allow customers to “always wear Docs.” Here’s how they could do that: Yoga mats with

Brand & Design Inspiration for 2023

Get off the starting blocks Using inspiration to help create a view of your future brand and business growth can be a powerful tool for success and development. Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. We’ve collected some of

Green Friday

Go Green for Black Friday? “Every year the confusion and chaos of Black Friday descends upon the European population, causing lots of frantic and often needless spending – and even, disappointingly, violence. But beneath this more widely reported façade, there


Wonderstuff are bringing art and sport together in 2022 to celebrate the Rugby League World Cup. Following on from our successful ART X SPORT 2021 live art event Wonderstuff are again bringing art and sport together in 2022 to celebrate the

packaging design expertise

Effective design is priceless

I just found a packaging range for children we created 10 years ago that is still in use. Strong, effective packaging design adds value by;• Building a recognisable range• Increasing customer retention• Reducing investment needed in ‘rebranding’ to stay ‘trendy’ And

Wear your own brand

You have a brand. You committed to it the day you started your business. A month, a year, or a decade ago. It is unique, and it is yours.But do you wear it with pride? Share it with everyone you meet? You have to

ghost skateboard design

G H O S T S – Live Art Event

ONE NIGHT UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES. On Thursday 28th October 2021, five artists each brought a skateboard ghost to life using their own creative style. They were hard at work in front of a live audience where the public and like-minded creatives

6 Weeks of Summer Review

As you may know, our team at Wonderstuff have been enjoying a 4-day working week for the past 6 weeks. Summer should come as such a welcoming relief in our lives, and we believe that relaxation and enjoyment are essential,

6 weeks of summer

Summer plays such a crucial role in our busy lifestyles. That period of the year that’s filled with light nights, BBQs on the beach, swimming in the sunshine, adventurous road trips and an overall sunny state of mind. But how

fitness merch

We’ve got some merch’

We’ve only gone and had some new t-shirts made for our first sponsored team event – a Crossfit competition in our local box, Method Training. Taking part in FREEDOM PAIRS on the 24th July, team Wonderstuff (Paul and gym buddy Tess)

Sharing Restaurant Branding Inspiration.

This round of tailored research is going to be around restaurant branding and customer experience. Whilst it limits the industries that I look at for design inspiration, it creates focus and better comparison. Bar ChidoThe first piece of restaurant branding

girl using laptop for web design

Discovering the World of Web Design

Design is constantly evolving within the digital market. Brands are becoming more active online, which means their appearance through a screen has to epitomise who they are as a company. Engaging interest and achieving simplicity are the fundamentals that I