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Mountain Range

Fortune favours the brave

Whatever your plans for the next 12 months, if when you look at them, they don’t scare you then you need to be brave. Re-write them. Push yourself to imagine a better version of you, and your company. If your

We’re looking for a graduate to dive in

We are incredibly busy and are looking for a graduate designer to join us almost immediatley. A superb human who’s not afraid to dive in head first – and support us with current, and new client, projects. Someone independent and

Packaging design

Packaging design that gets listed in supermarkets

Over the last 9 years Wonderstuff has worked on many packaging design projects. From existing brands to startup product brands, including Durham Distillery, Vapourlites, Natural Nutrients, and Black Storm. We have been able to celebrate our work helping clients gain listings

Beer Packaging Design

Recent brand and design projects

Wonderstuff have been working across a range of brand and design projects recently which have included; Identity Design for a digital platform Packaging Design for beer Interior Concepts for food retail Wayfinding for a luxury care home Event Marketing Materials for

Tropical Storm Poster

Beer Packaging and Launch Marketing

Developing the range of beer packaging for Black Storm‘s seasonal beers has provided a great opportunity to develop not only an overall approach for the range but also explore the individual can design for each edition. Tropical Storm is the

Bottled Storm Gin

New Gin Brand Launch

We recently completed the design for Black Storm’s first distillery product – Bottled Storm Gin. Small batch and craft distilled, the gin is distilled in batches of 40 bottles at a time. Launching at CarFest in Hampshire, and here in

Supporting young talent

There’s a lot of talent out there. And we’ve just had the pleasure of meeting some. Recently Charlotte – a photography student – spent a month with us learning, practicing, and improving her skills. Charlotte’s focus was on portraits but wanted

Lixir Tonic Website

Lixir Tonic Website Design

Seeing a website launch and be well received is always a good indicator of the balance of content, website design and build. We’re proud to be part of Matt and Jordan’s journey – and to see the first phase of their website

Brand’s Best Friend

God is said to have created man in his own image.  Truth or story, it illustrates something key about the reasons humans make the choices they do, and why we are attracted to, and become loyal to brands. We are instinctively

Effective Design Value

Know your purpose and act on it.

Wonderstuff has always had purpose, but now more than ever, I believe it’s important that we’re clear about it. Having worked in the design and advertising industry for over 20 years, I have witnessed many times the challenges clients face

A Good Business

Can a business doing good, be good business? The Wonderstuff team went to a ‘Design Event’ talk recently where a design agency founder recounted enthusiastically how as a child in the 1970s and 80s, it was the famous logos, films

TOMS: The One for One Company®

TOMS: The One for One Company®

91% of millennials today prefer to buy from companies associated with a social cause. 72% of consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t. Knowing the ‘why’ of your company and allowing it to take

North Side Coffee

We work with a broad range of clients as our methodology can be applied to all businesses, all sectors and all sizes. Whether a startup or a well-established business, we help and support our clients to effect change and create

Rise and Design. Food and Drink Packaging

Effective Design in the Food and Drink Sector

Our founder, Paul Alderson, delivered a talk on effective design on Friday 20th April 2018 for Rise & Design: Design in the Food and Drink sector, with our client Liam Sherriff, Managing Director of Natural Nutrients. Together with Liam and

Know Why. Then Do.

Use strategy with action to realise your vision

Wonderstuff was founded in 2009 with a vision to build a brand and design agency that adds value for clients, supports staff, and leaves the planet a little better off. Since then we’ve worked with clients of all sizes, from

Starry Night by Van Gogh – An Age of Aesthetics | How We Add Value

An Age of Aesthetics

“The reality is that graphic design is a profession wholly in thrall to its own visions of formal beauty. Beauty is the single quality designers most value and crave” – Rick Poynor   As Jeffery Keedy said, we are living

Define your vision and act on it

I love the old Japanese proverb: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare”. I have seen clients over-invest in both strategy (vision) and delivery (action) to the detriment of the other. This almost always ends

Review and refocus Brand Vision

Review and Refocus

How does an organisation know it is driving in the right direction towards business success and brand vision? Commonly, energies and enthusiasm power the initial development of written strategies and associated plans. Having done this, it can be easy to

Health Packaging Design

Creating health-focussed branding, and packaging design

Natural Nutrients packaging design Natural Nutrients appeared on Dragon’s Den and left with two Dragons under their belt. They had also secured interest in their Protein Popcorn from a high street retailer. And, while they had the interest, the Natural Nutrients team understood

Know your audience

You talkin’ to me?

A Wonderstuff 365 article. Make them count. When Robert De Niro delivered those words in Taxi Driver over 30 years ago it made such a huge impact on the audience that his performance still echoes on their lips today. De

A Thing of Beauty | The Juicy Salif

When Life Gives You Lemons…

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, with all this talk about love, we got thinking about beauty. Not just beautiful people, but beautiful brands. But what really is beauty, and what value does it hold in today’s heavily oversaturated