Plant-based products to boost memory, sleep and cognitive function. Supporting a product founder on their startup journey from concept to launch and beyond.
Brand Audience and Position, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, E-commerce Website
North East England

Creating a business which benefits its founder and its customers, through plant-based science.

In 2017 Nicolette Perry wanted to explore the potential and position of her natural and organic, scientifically based products. Nicolette, a Pharmacognosist, Education, and Science Director, specialising in aromatic plants for the brain, developed the products while co-authoring the book ‘Botanical Brain Balms’. Her goal was to bring to market a range of effective products that bridged the perception of natural remedies with scientific expertise.
The Opportunity
Build a business focussed on plant-based science, in a competitive market.
While the market has a range of competitors, from international names to smaller artisan brands, very few offer plant-based science at their core. Nicolette saw this as an opportunity to take her knowledge and passion and offer the market something new. “I wanted to develop natural go-to products for myself in order to help me be calm, alert and happier, especially in times of need. As a scientist, I understand exactly which plant bioactives have neuroscience to show how they work. I’d like to share nature’s greatest brain-bioactive products with others.” Dr Nicolette Perry, Pharmacognosist and founder.
The Solution
A brand which reflects the nature of the products and positions the business in the science arena, for maximum impact.
Working alongside Nicolette to develop the brand identity and packaging, ensuring at each key point that the look and feel balanced the natural and scientific background of the product.

We developed the name for the business to provide Nicolette with a platform to develop her range, in line with her goals. Clean, science focussed packaging with a natural edge and clear colours for each product in the range made the brand launch ready.

Essential point of sale and an e-commerce site was developed alongside the printing of the packaging.

“Wonderstuff created a superb brand for my product in terms of what I needed to hit my target market – there is no way I would have my product looking this good without their expertise. Feedback from retailers and customers has proven that the packaging is spot on.” Dr Nicolette Perry, Pharmacognosist and founder