Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years

Intense Oil Atomiser Range

Developing a new range of intense oil atomiser products and launch material to grow the BrainBalms business.


Packaging Design, E-commerce Website Development

North East England

After a year in business as BrainBalms Nicolette had developed and tested more products and was ready to move the business forward.

During the first lockdown in 2020 Nicolette turned back to science and plants to develop new products to help her friends and customers. She knew from experience that her audience wanted plant based products, backed by science, and she knew she could develop a range that helped people through the mental challenge of the pandemic.

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The Opportunity

Support her audience with new products specifically designed to help battle the mental fatigue, and health concerns, caused by the pandemic.

Speed was key to launching the new range to help as many people as possible. Nicolette had developed the new oil atomiser products and refined them through testing and feedback from friends. 

She needed to create new packaging and launch materials to bring the range to market.

The Solution

Develop the existing visual language and packaging for the new range, and produce supporting materials to launch the products on the e-commerce website and social media.

Working alongside Nicolette to develop the existing brand language and create new packaging, ensuring that the new products retained the same position in the customers mind, while offering a higher value product range, balancing the natural and scientific background of the product.

Clean, science focussed packaging with a natural edge and clear colours for each product in the range made the range launch ready.

Video and photography of the range created desirable material which were used to successfully crowdfund the launch of the product.