Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years

Ethical Nutrition

A clean supplement brand that works hard to make us feel amazing whilst protecting our planet.

Ethical Nutrition

Brand Identity and Packaging Design



This fresh and natural brand was feeling tired and out of date.

Ethical Nutrition is a forward-thinking supplement brand that needed a new identity that could be taken across each piece of packaging, that would better suit their values.

The Opportunity

A new identity and a design system for their packaging.

We needed to create a design system that could work across multiple products as well as a variety of different packaging types. This design system needed to work with the new identity, and show off their brand to gain more internet sales.

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The Solution

Feel-good patterns and informative labels create the main components of their packaging system.

As a fresh and forward-thinking brand that works hard to protect the planet, we have used a plant-based, colourful, and graphic illustration system that can be continuously built on and grow with the brand. 

An almost scientifically white label design contrasts the fun background, giving the customer the important information they need about the supplements.