Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years

Home Improvement Finance

Designing a bold and elegant brand identity that perfectly depicts the warmth and practicality of the company.

Home Improvement Finance

Logo Design, Print Material, Web Design

North East England

A company like Home Improvement Finance needs an inviting brand identity to create a sense of home for customers and clients

Home Improvement Finance are a favourable financial service that focuses on helping their clients make their house their home. They needed branding to be friendly and functional,  designed to characterise the benefits of their service.

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The Opportunity

Creating a trustworthy, forward thinking, friendly brand that fits within the industry it serves.

Providing a solution for customers though the trades they need. It was imperative to secure their trust and confidence through impactful branding.

The Solution

A friendly and approachable brand identity that reflects the enthusiasm they provide as a company

With a beautifully bright colour palette, crisp, clean logo elements and a bold, stylistic website, the brand identity for Home Improvement Finance authentically captures the warmth and security of the company.