Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years



Brand Identity and Packaging Design



A new health product needed positioning and branding.

ManAlive! needed our expertise to help refine their vision before developing a comprehensive brand identity that effectively communicates their commitment to holistic men’s health.

The Opportunity

A new brand identity, product identity, packaging design and marketing.

Crafting a compelling narrative around ManAlive!’s unique proposition became a central focus, ensuring that every element of the brand and product branding effectively communicated its overarching mission. Our engagement extended to the design of the packaging, which not only securely encapsulates the product, but also serves as a striking visual testament to ManAlive!’s dedication to quality, empowerment and men’s well-being.

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The Solution

Bringing the brand and product brand to life through print and digital outcomes, relevant to their target audience.

Detailed product renders were crafted, breathing life into the brand’s vision and offering a tangible, visually appealing representation of ManAlive! for their launch. The seamless translation of the brand onto the digital landscape was achieved through the development of a user-friendly Shopify website, enriching the overall brand experience. Complementing these efforts, we planned and designed the social media strategy for launch. This not only connects with its audience but also fosters a vibrant community that resonates with the brand’s core values.