Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years

Off Grid

A brand that reconnects people to the real authentic world.

Off Grid

Brand Identity, Exterior and Interior Signage, Print Material, Website
North East England

A new experience needed a brand to help it bring a new generation of authenticity to life.

The Off Grid Experience is a destination brand where you can completely switch off, and reconnect to the authentic world. The brand needed a look and feel that would work seamlessly alongside the effortless, real experience of staying in the raw wilderness.

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The Opportunity

A new brand to help Off Grid gain brand recognition and bookings.

As a brand new experience and destination, we needed to show it off for what it really was and create a buzz to enable bookings and happy customers.

The Solution

Raw typography and hand-drawn illustrations create the basis for this authentic brand.

Off Grid believe in ‘Discovery’ and we wanted the type, layouts and illustrations to reflect this. 

Rustic imperfect fonts, gridded, explorative layouts and hand-drawn illustrations create this rustic and authentic brand.