Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years


Relo are committed to providing nutrition to physically active people through convenient real food.


Brand Identity and Packaging Design

Northeast England


The brand was positioned to an elite, serious, and conventional audience.

This narrow audience needed to change. The brand needed to become more friendly, with a gender-neutral appeal, and with a personality that reflected the innovative and convenient, nature of the product range.

The Opportunity

A new brand name, brand identity, and design system for their packaging.

Their new identity needed to boast their friendly personality and convenient product. The design system needed to work across a range of product packaging and be recognisable for their audiences. With a clear goal to increase sales, and to retain customers, we tailored the brand and onward marketing to this.

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The Solution

A simple name, reflective of their key goal – to reload people with good, easy, food. Clear, concise and user-friendly labels to emphasise the convenience of this product.

As a convenient, go-to brand, we used bold type, a clean background and a powerful colour palette for their packaging that can adapt and grow with the brand.

The graphic arrow devices are used on each product and can be used across their brand materials. These are a nod towards their athletic and physical active customer base, showing movement and strength.