Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years

Troo Healthcare

Rebranding an established retail brand.

Troo Healthcare

Brand Identity, Packaging, Website
North East England

A growing market creates opportunity and competition

After successfully establishing and growing Troo Healthcare over 10 years, John had seen the market grow and along with it, competitors. He knew that to keep growing his business – supplying high quality supplements to his customers – his brand needed to reflect the current business and position the brand for the future.

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The Opportunity

Rebranding to improve brand recognition and sales

A revitalised brand would provide a strong positive message for current customers, and be a powerful tool to help generate new customers. With over 70 products, and over 200 SKUs, creation of a strong visual approach with consistency and flexibility was key.
The Solution

Bright, attractive packaging which reflect the health benefits of the products and has strong visual stand out

As online sales were becoming a larger part of the marketing and sales channels, the packaging had to be visually appealing to draw the customers eye, and once bought, be a product they were happy to have on display, rather than hidden in the cupboard. This visibility would increase the customer use, and provide the maximum benefit of the products. Alongside these key elements the packaging would increase brand recognition and encourage future sales.

As the design conversations and exploration of the project evolved, it became clear that the Troo Healthcare identity needed to be refreshed. Working with John we developed a new, evolved identity which not only flexed with the packaging but provided an overall sense of revitalisation for the business.

A fresh and vibrant identity and packaging solution to lead the business into the next stage of growth.