6 weeks of summer

Summer plays such a crucial role in our busy lifestyles. That period of the year that’s filled with light nights, BBQs on the beach, swimming in the sunshine, adventurous road trips and an overall sunny state of mind. But how are you supposed to fit all these leisures in when you’re still in work mode? Here at Wonderstuff, we believe that relaxation and enjoyment are essential, especially this year. That’s why we’re introducing ‘6 weeks of summer’ to our calendar.

Inspired by the fantastic teams at Fiasco Design and Basecamp, from now until the end of August we’ll be exploring a 4-day working week; the perfect opportunity to give each of us time to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s time spent with family and friends, these moments are to reflect on what’s most important to us – trying new things or enjoying things we already love.

After a challenging year of lockdowns, bedroom-based office spaces, lack of face to face communication, there’s nothing we appreciate more than freedom and flexibility. Not only does ‘6 weeks of summer’ provide us with room for more activities, it also gives us that extra bit of time to recharge our creative batteries. Studies have shown that a 4-day working week has been an overwhelming success in certain countries – with trial runs in New Zealand resulting in a 20% rise in productivity and an increase in profits and improved staff wellbeing, and in Iceland, it found employees exhibiting greater well-being, improved work-life balance and a better cooperative spirit in the workplace.

Our salaries won’t change. Our targets won’t change. Our level of client care and service won’t change. The quality of our work won’t change. We will be efficient with our time, our colleagues time, and with client work.

By rewarding ourselves with the extra time in the week, we can help break those boundaries and prove that a healthy balance of business and leisure can be a valuable and constructive role within the working world. Read more about the research for the 4 day working week in the links below…