Brand’s Best Friend

God is said to have created man in his own image.  Truth or story, it illustrates something key about the reasons humans make the choices they do, and why we are attracted to, and become loyal to brands.

We are instinctively attracted to things that resonate with our beliefs and reflect our personality. Those of us involved with defining and managing brands for organisations know and utilise this. Our relationships with brands are emotional.

We form strong attachments with brands, considering them as intrinsic to our self image.

As with the relationships we make with people, some brand relationships and connections are stronger than others. Organisations that have a clear purpose, one that they effectively state and demonstrate, often create the deeper connections.  This may be an emotional purpose as expressed by charities, or a high-reaching claim like to be ‘the most desired watch in the world’.

When an organisation defines what it is striving for and effectively communicates the efforts it is making to achieve this, consumers are given the choice to become part of this purpose and vision through their purchase, involvement or use.

This starts a relationship, which the organisation needs to nurture in order to create brand advocates and ambassadors. Those who want to make the brand part of themselves and are happy to express that.

By understanding the things that matter to your audiences, and creating the experience they desire and care about, they will want create themselves in your image.

If you want to know how to create desire, or care for your product or service: