Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years
Discovering the World of Web Design
girl using laptop for web design

Design is constantly evolving within the digital market. Brands are becoming more active online, which means their appearance through a screen has to epitomise who they are as a company. Engaging interest and achieving simplicity are the fundamentals that I follow as a junior, in order to produce interesting and effective designs.

After studying branding at university, I never fully opened the door to the world of web design. It was an area that I found quite intimidating and I worried that I’d get lost in all the technical requirements. However, since starting my role here at Wonderstuff, with support from my creative team, I’ve spent time exploring and finally found my way around it. Web design is an excellent way of telling stories. To me when I’m given a website brief, it’s like being given a blank canvas and painting a picture of the brand through a timeline; a timeline that visits who the business is, what they do and how they do it. The more you scroll down the page, the more you discover.

As designers, it’s our job to visually bring websites to life. Colour palettes, typefaces, imagery, customised buttons and icons are just some of the characteristics that we use to develop the identity. From my experience so far, ensuring everything has a flow is the most crucial role. 

User experience is just as important as the appearance of a site. If things aren’t easily navigated, the audience could become confused and lose interest, therefore it’s vital that everything is accessible, clear and concise. Attention to detail is also a necessity. No one wants to visit a site with missing links and spelling errors; the work you create reflects on the brands you work with, therefore it’s important to ensure everything is proofed to the highest standard. 

With all of this in mind, considering the fact I that only just began experimenting with web design 3 months ago, I’m enthusiastic about the progress I’ve made so far and I’m really beginning to confidently demonstrate my skills on WordPress. It’s become one of my favourite areas in design due to the freedom and experimentation that comes with it and I can’t wait for more of my work to go live… Turns out it’s not as intimidating as I thought! Check out some of my favourite web design blogs/articles that inspired me along the way…