Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years
Dr Martens – Move into Wellness

How could Dr. Martens move into wellness? Well, they could leverage their reputation for rugged, durable footwear and create a line of yoga-specific products that allow customers to “always wear Docs.”

Here’s how they could do that:

Yoga mats with Dr. Martens’ signature design – Dr. Martens could create yoga mats with their iconic style, appealing to customers who want to incorporate their brand into their yoga practice.

Yoga shoes – The brand could create a line of slip-on shoes specifically for yoga, incorporating their signature materials and construction for a comfortable and durable option for yoga practitioners.

Accessory line – Dr. Martens could create a line of yoga accessories, such as yoga blocks and straps, using their signature materials for a durable and stylish option for yoga practitioners.

By incorporating yoga into its offerings, Dr. Martens can tap into a growing market while staying true to their brand values of durability and toughness. Additionally, this will allow customers to “always wear Docs” by incorporating the brand into all aspects of their lifestyle, not just footwear.

What can your brand do?