Effective Design in the Food and Drink Sector

Our founder, Paul Alderson, delivered a talk on effective design on Friday 20th April 2018 for Rise & Design: Design in the Food and Drink sector, with our client Liam Sherriff, Managing Director of Natural Nutrients.

Together with Liam and his team we’ve helped them transform from a small scale supplements business to a significantly positioned organisation in the health food and supplements sector. And the new look is already securing them sales with leading retailers such as Holland and Barrett and Morrisons.

Effective Design Talk

Talking alongside us were Sam Dixon, from Nestle UK’s Innovation Department, and Mark from The Travelling Bee Company with their design company Decide. Each talk focussed on how design could, and had, impacted not just the profit of the organisations they’d worked with, but confidence, excitement and the potential of what they could achieve.

Yes, design is about making your product look better, but more than that – it has to help you perform better.

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