Fortune favours the brave

Whatever your plans for the next 12 months, if when you look at them, they don’t scare you then you need to be brave. Re-write them. Push yourself to imagine a better version of you, and your company.

If your plan doesn’t scare you, then there is every chance that it’s too easy to achieve it. That you can do it without really trying, without change. Without challenge.

You’re either, growing, static, or declining. Which one are you?

And that isn’t what your life, or your company is about. I read an article a few years ago (on about the three states of all organisation. Either, growing, static, or declining. Which one are you?

Mountain Range

If your plan is too easy, then it’s likely that you’ll be static, which means you’re already heading towards declining. It’s a slippery slope.

Growth is the only direction for a sustainable company.

How you define growth – well that’s up to you. Your plan. Your growth.

If you haven’t set a plan, or you’re busy with your business and you can’t imagine what’s possible, start a conversation.

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