Realise your vision. Every day.

A Wonderstuff 365 article. Make them count.

8 years in, and every day is still the first.

For 8 years I’ve worked to build an organisation that looked after its people and helped its clients use their brand to their advantage. When I started Wonderstuff my personal experience had been projects such as branding an International Airport, leading creative teams, and working with clients. None of which prepared me for the journey that lay ahead in building an organisation.

Day one, year one – Existence

Me, one computer, one client. Just enough to start, but not enough to pay the bills. Every day was simply about making it to the next day. Taking every opportunity to deliver high quality projects and value for clients (some of whom I still work with today).

Day one, year 3 – Survival

Pushing hard, consistently, to develop our approach, our work, and our effectiveness for clients. I had added to our team –  full time staff made up of incredible people who believed in the journey we were taking.

Day one, year 6 – Success

After working with a range of clients, from recognised North East brands to clients as far afield as China, Wonderstuff’s focus became clearer. Helping clients understand the difference between their brand and branding, and using them both to help their organisations communicate clearly.

Day one, year 8 – Growth

With 8 years of experience, plenty of successes (creating recognised and respected brands, appearing in leading industry publications, working with great people) and as many opportunities to learn (mistakes you might call them) – I am ready to develop Wonderstuff to the next level. This includes high quality growth, clear processes to benefit clients and our industry, and a focus on improving the environment for the team.

Have I realised my vision for Wonderstuff? No – well, I should say – not yet. Why – because as everyone who runs a business knows – faced with the various challenges small organisations face, my focus must shift, depending on Wonderstuff’s needs. Do I enjoy this challenge? Certainly.

Building an organisation that benefits both the people who work for it, and the people we serve is a rewarding experience. And one I want to build on to realise my vision. Day one. Every day.

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