How does an organisation know it is driving in the right direction towards business success and brand vision?

Commonly, energies and enthusiasm power the initial development of written strategies and associated plans. Having done this, it can be easy to assume that matters are therefore taken care of by those delivering the plan.

However, strategies alone are never an absolute, and delivery doesn’t always run to plan. Markets fluctuate, financial and human resources change, and ambitions shift. Being embroiled in the day to day running of a business can lead to plans unwittingly veering off course.

Any business risks breakdowns and delays if not given the required care and attention en route to a planned destination.

It is crucial therefore to create strategies that include regular check ups. This ensures that decision-makers have an opportunity to review ambitions, consider markets, and measure the achievement of short and medium term goals against KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

The positive implications of doing this are:

Review progress
By reviewing goals regularly against KPIs, an organisation can measure progress against the growth expected at these key points, noting achievement against each milestone. This data, once analysed, informs the changes and adjustments that are required for plans moving forwards.

Spot opportunity and threats
Reviewing an organisation’s position regularly allows time to spot opportunities and threats as they occur. It can be easy to lose focus on progressing the business against the set goals. This can lead to missing opportunities, under-estimating threats and failing to notice plans that are not effectively actioned.

Involve everyone and celebrate wins
Regular reviews also offer the opportunity for internal brand building. Staff are more likely to work towards shared business goals. Reviews allow time to celebrate the goals achieved, and determine the work that is required until the next review point.

Review points also give employees the opportunity to express their own role goals in helping the organisation achieve its vision. This is also a good time to reward employees and give them an extra incentive to work harder towards achieving goals.

Keep focused
Ultimately, an organisation that regularly reviews and refocuses, increases the chance of driving the optimum route towards the desired destination.

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