Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years
Start marketing your business

It’s never too early to start marketing your business.

I’m pushing every business owner I meet to start marketing from the minute I speak to them.

To start marketing. Not to spend money.

Business owners often want to develop their brand, website, and other collateral before speaking to their audience. It’s a comfort blanket of progress without having to expose your idea to your potential customers.

I suggest that they share the idea with relevant people, as a conversation for feedback, not to sell. 

Find out what your prospective customer thinks about your idea. Does it connect with them, or someone they know?

Kerry Neesam and I have been working with the team at Wiser Me to support their brand launch in this way. While the launch is still months away, important conversations have been happening.

Now, the branding is complete and packaging is well underway. 

The next phase is to introduce the brand and build awareness and engagement on a larger scale. There’s a plan in place, and we can’t wait to dive into it.

What are you waiting for in your business?

Start marketing today.