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Public Art Gosforth

We need your support.

Help us create Gosforth’s largest piece of public art. Now is the time to bring a real sense of pride and public spirit by creating and installing a large wall mural to transform Gosforth.

Flintlab Coworking Space opened in Gosforth in 2018, and after the change in road layout at Gosforth High Street, it’s end gable wall has been more visible than ever. Owners Paul and Louise who run Flintlab want to bring to Gosforth (their home) some of the art and culture they’ve seen across the UK in the form of a large-scale public art piece.

Working with the Mushroom Works – a local art studio and gallery – they agreed that the street would benefit from an artistic intervention and that the prominent site would be suited to a mural. Established artist Ash Willerton – who often uses strong typography mixed with traditional skills – resonated with Paul whose past typographic art prints have been sold in the Baltic, and London.

This project will elevate the High Street and further position Gosforth as a place for independent and cultural businesses.

What we’ll deliver

– Primarily deliver a new public artwork covering the prominent wall
– Have the public choose from 2-3 designs
– Create artwork and merchandise so that the public can own a part of the project
– Create a small exhibition in Flintlab to celebrate the project

Why it’s a great idea

We believe art and culture is a great way to engage the community, brighten up public space, stimulate footfall, and install a sense of civic pride. Through the public art project, we intend to use the vote as a way to ask the community aspirations for their local area, which can inform ideas for other projects for Gosforth and encourage more independent businesses to consider Gosforth as their home, improving the area for residents, local businesses and visitors alike.

We need your support

Ideally this support is small financial pledges to the project, but likes and comments will carry weight and show that the community supports it.

Please create an account on Spacehive and then like and comment (or even pledge) and encourage your family, friends, and colleagues too. This will be a massive help to make the project possible and bring something good to Gosforth.

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Thank you.