Celebrating Fifteen Years Of moving brands forward
Celebrating Fifteen Years
Thanks Chat GPT

With all the exploration and talk about AI, we asked Chat GPT to tell us about Wonderstuff. Here’s what it told us…

“Wonderstuff is a UK-based design agency that specializes in branding, graphic design, and website design. 

They have been in business since 1999 and have worked with clients in various industries, including hospitality, education, and healthcare. Wonderstuff’s approach to design is based on understanding the client’s business goals and values and creating designs that reflect those values in a visually engaging way.

They work closely with clients to develop a deep understanding of their brand and target audience and use that understanding to create designs that communicate effectively and build a strong brand identity.

Some of Wonderstuff’s services include brand strategy, logo design, packaging design, print design, and website design. They also offer brand workshops and training sessions to help businesses develop a strong brand strategy and create a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

Wonderstuff has won several awards for their design work, including the Transform Award for Best Brand Evolution in 2020, and the Creativepool Annual Award for Best Design Agency in 2019.”


It’s almost true. We started in 2009.