Goodbye 2018. You’ve been a blast.

This year has provided Wonderstuff with challenges, champions, and changes. We faced difficult times in the first half of 2018, and adjusted our business accordingly, to ensure that we continued to deliver high-value brand work for clients. We enjoyed supporting clients who won awards for their products and services, secured listings in major supermarkets, and […]

Fortune favours the brave

Mountain Range

Whatever your plans for the next 12 months, if when you look at them, they don’t scare you then you need to be brave. Re-write them. Push yourself to imagine a better version of you, and your company. If your plan doesn’t scare you, then there is every chance that it’s too easy to achieve […]

Packaging design that gets listed in supermarkets

Packaging design

Over the last 9 years Wonderstuff has worked on many packaging design projects. From existing brands to startup product brands, including Durham Distillery, Vapourlites, Natural Nutrients, and Black Storm. We have been able to celebrate our work helping clients gain listings in Morrisons, Majestic Wines, Holland & Barrett, and Co-op, amongst other retailers. Effective brand and […]

Recent brand and design projects

Beer Packaging Design

Wonderstuff have been working across a range of brand and design projects recently which have included; Identity Design for a digital platform Packaging Design for beer Interior Concepts for food retail Wayfinding for a luxury care home Event Marketing Materials for business services Brand Consultancy for professional services Here’s a peek at some of what we’ve been […]

Supporting young talent

There’s a lot of talent out there. And we’ve just had the pleasure of meeting some. Recently Charlotte – a photography student – spent a month with us learning, practicing, and improving her skills. Charlotte’s focus was on portraits but wanted to explore and develop her skills in other areas. As a brand and design business, with […]

Lixir Tonic Website Design

Lixir Tonic Website

Seeing a website launch and be well received is always a good indicator of the balance of content, website design and build. We’re proud to be part of Matt and Jordan’s journey – and to see the first phase of their website come to life – Keep your eyes on these guys. They’re working hard, and […]

Know your purpose and act on it.

Effective Design Value

Wonderstuff has always had purpose, but now more than ever, I believe it’s important that we’re clear about it. Having worked in the design and advertising industry for over 20 years, I have witnessed many times the challenges clients face when they buy design. There is a problem in how clients buy and how agencies […]

Use strategy with action to realise your vision

Know Why. Then Do.

Wonderstuff was founded in 2009 with a vision to build a brand and design agency that adds value for clients, supports staff, and leaves the planet a little better off. Since then we’ve worked with clients of all sizes, from gin startups based here in the North East of England to established toy manufacturers based […]

Creating health-focussed branding, and packaging design

Health Packaging Design

Natural Nutrients packaging design Natural Nutrients appeared on Dragon’s Den and left with two Dragons under their belt. They had also secured interest in their Protein Popcorn from a high street retailer. And, while they had the interest, the Natural Nutrients team understood that their branding and packaging design needed developing to make the most of the opportunities […]

You talkin’ to me?

Know your audience

A Wonderstuff 365 article. Make them count. When Robert De Niro delivered those words in Taxi Driver over 30 years ago it made such a huge impact on the audience that his performance still echoes on their lips today. De Niro wasn’t expressing his opinion on organisations communicating to their audiences, but his message is […]

Design improves sales

Durham Strawberry & Pink Pepper Gin

Effective design has purpose. To improve communication between your organisation and your audience. Jess (Durham’s Head Distiller) knew that the landscape for gin had changed and knew that to improve the sales of Durham Distillery’s Summer Fruit Cup, they needed a new label – with a name that suited the market. As their long-term brand partner we worked with […]

Design Sprint

Here’s a peek at an identity we delivered through a design sprint. Fast paced and built to deliver results, our design sprints help our clients play an integral part in the creative process – and more importantly for their business – make progress. There are times when a design sprint is more suitable than a […]

Why I do this

Brand Vision Workshop

Growing, pruning, and running a design business After 8 years growing, pruning, and running a design business I want to help other founders find their purpose, and move towards it. For most organisations to achieve their goals they have to align their business and brand – for all their audiences – to create the best […]

Northumbria Uni Photo Shoot

  Great to have Kieran Brookes from Northumbria Uni with us last week. He was shooting his final major project in our studio and kitchen. His concept for helping office based workers engage with their food and change eating habits has huge potential.

Realise your vision. Every day.

Realise your vision

A Wonderstuff 365 article. Make them count. 8 years in, and every day is still the first. For 8 years I’ve worked to build an organisation that looked after its people and helped its clients use their brand to their advantage. When I started Wonderstuff my personal experience had been projects such as branding an […]

The value of design for SME’s

Good design is good value

  Good design proves its value over the long term for SME’s. This work for long term client of ours – Redford – has been in use for over 5 years of use, and it is still delivering the brand as clearly now as it did then. Invest in your brand.